Two Huge Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

How Is The Air Quality In Your Home - Air Duct Cleaning

How Is The Air Quality In Your Home

The easiest way for a homeowner to tell if their air ducts are dirty is to check them. If they look dirty, than more likely than not, they are. Homeowners should hire a HVAC professional to inspect their HVAC system. HVAC professionals are certified and trained in inspecting and cleaning HVAC systems, and will do a much more thorough job than any homeowner could do by him or herself. The following are two reasons why the air ducts within the home should be cleaned.

Stop Making Yourself Sick When There Is An Easy Solution

The air circulating inside is the air homeowners are breathing the majority of the day. The amount of dust that is created by a typical family is not an insignificant number. In a six bedroom house there is on average almost forty pounds of dust created ever year. This dust is circulated through the heating and cooling systems in the house. Dust isn’t the only thing being constantly circulated through the air. Other contaminants, such as dander and chemicals, are created while living in a house, and will continuously circulate through the HVAC system on an average of five to seven times a day. These contaminants will eventually build up in the air ducts, causing them to become dirty. Having dirty air ducts doesn’t mean the air circulating through the house is unhealthy, however they can aggravate and cause additional problems to people in the house that may have respiratory conditions or environmental allergies.

Stop Wasting 40% Of Your Energy On Heating and Cooling Bills

The U.S. Department of Energy states that homes waste up to forty percent of all energy used for heating and cooling. Heating and Cooling systems have to work much harder when they have contaminants in their systems, which in turn uses much more energy. Even with the use of filters, contaminants from every day use will get into the heating and cooling system. When HVAC system are clean it allows them to maintain the chosen temperatures while using less energy, in turn saving the homeowner on energy costs.

Benefit of air duct cleaning