Consumers Should Know The 12 Steps to a Proper Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning CompanyCleaning the air ducts in any building is a complex and time consuming job, especially to try to do alone. It’s easy, as well as cost and time effective to hire a professional company to clean our your air ducts. The process they use follows 12 steps, from start to finish.

Step 1. Before anyone even sets foot in the workplace, the air duct cleaners are subject to background checks, drug checks and extensive training. They’re specialists with the knowledge and experience necessary to clean ducts without a hitch.

Step 2. A good professional duct cleaning company outfits their workers with shoe covers, to absolutely guarantee that no dirt will be tracked through the building and no damage will be caused to floors. You can rest assured that when the workers leave, there will be no trace of their presence.

Step 3. The well trained technicians will fully inspect every aspect of the building’s HVAC system. This ensures that they know exactly what needs to be serviced. Your inspection and work will be customized to your building, and will address any problem that’s found.

Step 4. A high powered vacuum and negative pressure machines create the ideal atmosphere for dust collection and removal. Coupled with robust seals around intake and exhaust vents, this process means that every speck of dust is collected and disposed of, and not pumped back into circulation.

Step 5. By default minor disinfectants are used to wipe down and clean the system. If you choose, stronger EPA-approved disinfectant fogging can be used to fully cleanse the system. Nothing harmful will be left in the system.

Step 6. Duct cleaning involves more than just a vacuum effect. Powerful scrubbers are snaked through the ducts, dislodging and sweeping out caked on grime, oily dust and hair that collects over months or years. All of this is removed from the system and disposed of properly.

Step 7. Both before and after the servicing is done, infrared cameras are snaked through the ducts to show the state of the HVAC system. This way you can see the state of the ducts before the work is done, and can see how effectively cleaned they are afterwards.

Step 8. If the HVAC system is old and no longer up to standard, the trunk lines and plenums can be cleaned and access doors can be built into them, to bring the system up to code.

Step 9. Once the ducts are cleaned, full attention is turned to the furnace. Because dust can be kicked up into it during the cleaning process, it’s given a full cleaning inside and out. This includes the filter box, blower and combustion chamber.

Step 10. Any access holes created are sealed with doors created to current code. Floors are swept, all debris is removed, and the dust is properly disposed of. After this process, you should never be able to tell the workers were there.

Step 11. You’ll receive a detailed report of an air quality inspection performed while the work was being done. This includes the dust in ducts as well as possible mold issues and anything else found during the cleaning.

Step 12. If for some reason you’re not completely satisfied, there’s a money-back guarantee. Just let the company know, and you’re good to be reimbursed.

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