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Why Have Your Air Duct Cleaned In Your Home Or Business?

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Homes and businesses are only as clean as the air that gets circulated through them. You can clean your home all that you want, but your HVAC system will continue to recirculate air back into your room about five to seven times each day. This means that the dust in your air ducts will be circulating back through your home, even after you have cleaned it. The best way to prevent these dust particles and potential contaminants from entering your home is to have a professional air duct cleaning. The cleaning will remove all of the dust and contaminants from your system, so you will have the cleanest air possible in your home or business.

Clean Air is Better and It Saves You Up To 25% On Energy Cost To Have It

Some people may feel that the air ducts are not really that important to clean out. The truth is that over time the dust can settle in the ducts. This air then gets recirculated through your home, and continues to keep your home dirtier than it should be. The dirt and contaminants in your air ducts also force you to use more energy to heat and cool your home. This adds to the overall energy costs of your home. It has been estimated that at least twenty-five percent of the energy used to heat and cool your home is wasted. Much of that has to do with the dirt that has compiled in your air ducts. When you get a thorough air duct cleaning, that debris is removed from your system. Basically, you will be recirculating clean air through your home. Anyone that suffers from allergies or other autoimmune diseases will breathe much easier in a home or business that has been sufficiently cleaned by a professional HVAC team.

Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company To Do The Job

When you decide to get your air ducts cleaned, you need to go with a company that has a solid reputation for doing excellent work. The company should be in good standing with local and state standards. The reason that you need a professional to do the work is because a regular person cannot do the work alone. It takes a specially trained individual to know how to properly clean air ducts. You cannot simply run a vacuum through your ducts. The professionals have all the tools that are needed to make your air ducts run as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Their specialized tools and knowledge make the job much easier to accomplish, and you will be thoroughly impressed with the air that you breathe once the job is finished.

The dander and dust combine to create some nasty problems in the air ducts

Many people may not even realize how dirty their air ducts are. Anyone that has pets at home should really get the ducts cleaned out. The dander and dust combine to create some nasty problems in the air ducts. It is important to make sure that homes with people that suffer from allergies get cleaned out as well. Everyone should do this periodically to make certain that they are only breathing in the best air possible. Take the time now to contact your local professional to have the air ducts cleaned out. It will be a positive move to improve your home’s air quality and reduce wasted energy.

So What Is Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the cleaning of various components in the heating and cooling systems. These components can include the air registers, air ducts, air vents , grilles, cooling and heating coils, as well as many more parts. When these parts are not properly cleaned and maintained, they can become hazardous to an individual’s health since they can be contaminated with dust, pollen and other items. Moisture in the components can cause microbiological growth such as mold. The spores from the mold can enter the home through the air ducts, and then, individuals who are allergic to mold spores can have an allergic reaction to this pollutant. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have an air duct cleaning done by a qualified service provider.

Air Duct Cleaning Inspection

An inspection of the ducts from the inside may not show an indication of any pollutants, but a thorough cleaning of all the components will ensure that there are no hidden contaminants. It is logical that any system can become clogged or dirty with pollutants over time, and the system will need to be cleaned occasionally to prevent buildups of these materials. Between an air duct cleaning by a professional, an individual can choose to vacuum the registers to remove any dust.

Indoor Air Pollution Is Making People Sick

Indoor air pollution is becoming a concern for many people. By choosing to use a service provider to maintain, clean air ducts, and other components, an individual is taking the responsibility to ensure better health. For the best results, the provider will need to clean every component on the system to receive the most benefits. A reliable and qualified service provider will have the equipment needed to dislodge any dirt, debris and other items from the ducts. They will have the knowledge to complete the job and return the air ducts to the proper working condition for better indoor air.

The home environment affects many people’s health. From dust to mold, a home that is contaminated with these items can be the reason an individual is not able to get well. Every home and every individual is different, but with proper cleaning and inspection of a heating and air system, the presence of these items can be eliminated. Even if no one appears to be suffering from allergies or other symptoms in the home, it is still better to make sure that the air duct cleaning is done on a regular basis to help prevent any future conditions developing from a result of the air ducts being left uncleaned.

Signs That Indicate The Air Duct Need Cleaned

  • Allergy or sickness more often the ever before.
  • Unusual dust problem you have not had before.
  • Visible mold growth on the inside of the metal ducts.
  • Infestations of vermin such as rodents and insects.

Some signs can indicate that the air ducts need cleaning such as visible mold growth on the inside of the metal ducts or other components of the system. If a substance is found that resembles mold, it is better to get a positive identification of the mold done by an expert. The expert can check it out and find out what conditions are causing the mold to grow. If the reason for the mold growth is not corrected, the mold can grow again. If the insulation in the air ducts becomes wet and moldy, they cannot be cleaned correctly; however, the insulated air ducts will need to be replaced to prevent further mold growth.

The moisture that builds up in the air ducts can be controlled with some preventive maintenance. Any water leaks or standing water will need to be corrected to keep the moisture from contaminating the air ducts. Water will stand under the cooling coils if the drain pan does not slope properly toward the drain. This can affect the moisture and mold growth.

Other problems found in air ducts are infestations of vermin such as rodents and insects. These vermin are not welcome in most homes, and the air duct cleaning can prevent an infestation of these pests. Rodents and insects carry germs that can cause illnesses if allowed to remain in the air ducts. Routine maintenance cleaning of the air ducts can prevent these pests from causing this problem.

A qualified service provider will inspect the entire system before cleaning it. They will ensure that all of the

Air Duct Cleaning Before and After Air Duct Cleaning Before and After

household furnishings and carpet are protected from the cleaning. The professional cleaner will make sure to protect all the ductwork by sealing or re-insulating any holes that need to be taken care of to ensure an airtight seal. Once the air duct cleaning is finished, an individual can verify that the job was done to his or her satisfaction. Everything should be visibly clean after a good air duct cleaning has been completed, and the system should operate correctly with fresher airflow.

To continue to keep the air ducts cleaned after the expert cleaning, a good preventive maintenance is essential.
Air filters should be changed regularly, and the air filter should be one of the most efficient filters for that system. If the filters appear to be clogged, they will need to be changed sooner. If an individual plans on doing construction or remodeling work to the home, the registers and ducts will need to be sealed off until the work is completed to prevent dust from accumulating in the system.

Pollutants enter the home through many avenues but if one avenue can be maintained efficiently, then, that is one-step closer to eliminating some of the pollutants that can affect someone’s health. Pollutants can enter the home through cooking, smoking, cleaning and dirty air ducts. Taking steps to eliminate some of the pollutants is the first step in the right direction to a better home environment.

If a home is showing visible signs of contamination, do not hesitate to call on a professional air duct cleaning service to eliminate the mold, dust, pollen and even possible vermin from the homes airflow. After the inspection and cleaning, commit to a preventive maintenance program to prevent future problems with these pollutants. Continual care of air and heat systems can prevent living in a home with unclean and contaminated air. Air duct cleaning is just like any other cleaning or maintenance you do in you home. Call us today for an air duct cleaning inspection.

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